Graduating High School Nerves

Graduation is a lot to take in… it is the last time you will walk with a majority of the people you know. You line up in pairs and look to the person standing next to, behind, and in front of you. You all made it! You’re excited because you know you are now able to get away from all of the irrelevant drama and feeling of being half of your own person, but you are upset because you will never be able to live that moment ever again. There will never be anything like that time and that place. You are surrounded by all of the people you love and that love you, yet you know there is a part of you that will never be able to go back to that moment ever again. You have closed a huge chapter of your life and you will never have another prom, senior dance, or senior olympics.

Graduating high school is an exciting yet nerve wrecking experience. Firstly just the thought of leaving home to attend college is a scary prospect. We will not go home every night to our loving family. We won’t see our dad sitting on the couch or Mom greet us with a big loving smile. There will be no more picking silly arguments with our siblings. There is no cuddling with your cat or dog while we lie down and watch Netflix. You no longer know your surroundings, you have to adapt to your new community. You no longer live where you have your whole life and you go somewhere possibly not knowing anyone there.

Once you get adjusted to college and build your relationships there. It all happens again 4 years later. That same scary feeling because now that college is over we feel alone in the world and we know that we have a long life ahead of us. Our parents are not holding our hands anymore. We have to begin to find a career, take out loans, figure out how to balance a checkbook, find a job, learn how to pay bills, be responsible and develop credit. The list goes on and on. 

We are starting a new chapter in our lives and this is the end of a 13 year journey. Remember this feeling. This is when the rest of our life begins. Remember this feeling, remember your roots. Remember who you are, how you got there, and who you have to thank for getting to where you are. Also remember that it is OK to feel nervous, excited, scared, anxious this is all normal, change is hard for everyone but with the knowledge that you are not alone and some support you will flourish, grow, shine and excel after high school Graduation.

-Elizabeth Drivas



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