The Power Of Identifying Your Keystone Habit

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Charles Duhigg, in his amazing book The Power of Habit, nails the importance of creating a keystone habit that practically guarantees success. Duhigg explains: Michael Phelps’s trainer, Bob Bowman, helped make Phelps the best swimmer in the world…

Learning To Trust Again After Divorce

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Chances are after a broken relationship, you will feel your heart is battered and bruised and not up, for risking more damage by allowing yourself to trust others. Often, we have been lied to, hurt, cheated on, or…

Stop and Smell The Roses!

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I’m sure you have heard the expression, “stop and smell the roses” but do you do it? This crazy world we live in is nothing but a rat race we run. We run it everyday in the hopes…

When Your Ex Has No Boundaries After Divorce

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Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! Often lack of boundaries is a trait that leads to divorce, (cheating, lying) so it isn’t surprising that I speak to a high number of divorcees, who have issues with their exes even after divorce…

When Do You Introduce Children To Your New Partner

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If you are one of the 53% of marriages that end in divorce, you will no doubt at one time or another move on, and start dating someone new. If you have children to consider in your new…

The 10 Types Of Fear That Keep You In Bad Marriages

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One of the common themes in the conversations I have had with divorcees, is that many of them felt they stayed too long, in very unhappy or dysfunctional marriages. Once a divorcee finds peace with their decision to…

Moving On From A Psychopath or Narcissist

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Psychopath- Noun A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviors Narcissist- Noun A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves Let me start by saying I am not a…

Self Love After Divorce

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Divorce will often leave you feel like less than a whole person. Maybe we gave too much of ourselves to someone we loved deeply. Perhaps circumstances and our giving nature, eradicated parts of our identity, and we found…

The Wholistic Package

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Life Lafter Divorce Podcast

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Guest appearance by Tiffany Ann Beverlin on Life Lafter Divorce

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How to avoid repeating painful pattern- Male POV

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Are you separated, divorced, arguing constantly or any number of scenarios and you cannot figure out why “he” is such a jerk? The following list may begin to give an idea of what men actually experience in relationships…

Picture Perfect!

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Picture perfect doesn’t exist. That “oh so perfect” fairy tale always turns out to be one heaping pile of bullshit. Nothing drives me more insane than a person who pretends everything is “wonderful” all the time. You know…