“Letting go of your old Dreams and planning wisely for your new ones…”

We are an online divorce community and one stop divorce shop for all things divorce. We incorporate a marketplace specializing in selling items associated with one time dreams with our Ultimate Divorce Resource Directory full  of secondary divorce services and a community of like-minded individuals, who we invite to connect with each other for support, friendship, dating and networking.

DreamsRecycled was founded and literally dreamt of while going through my own divorce process. I felt that if a one stop shop to sell your items, share your experience and get information, and resources, would be beneficial to me, it would also be beneficial to the hundreds of thousands of other people going through divorce or break ups.

DreamsRecycled appreciates your business and we welcome you into our divorce community. Feel free to list, browse, chat, connect and share on our site and never hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you need assistance we realize not everyone has sold items online before and we are here to assist

We invite you to sell any items from your divorce. Here are a few of our categories.

Wedding rings

Engagement rings

Wedding dresses

Bridesmaid dresses

Prom dresses

Other formal dresses

Unwanted or duplicate wedding gifts

Wedding/Party Décor

We at DreamsRecycled are committed to making our marketplace for individuals. We are constantly working to make our selling process as simple as possible, we have a low one time fee on your items sale. We believe that we are a community that makes selling your individual items both worthwhile for the seller and beneficial to the buyer as they can find a great deal on really wonderful items.

Recycling your dreams items makes sense both financially as it allows you to recoup some of your high ticket items cost, and emotionally it frees our minds and enables us more easily to move on and focus on our future dreams. Letting go truly does feel great. It is also good for the environment, frees up closet space, and helps you move on from the past.

We truly believe that we are all recycled dreamers so remember to always dream beautiful and dream BIG!

Tiffany Ann Beverlin