God and the Devil. Do we have it all wrong?

Whether you are a believer in a God or not is immaterial, just consider this. 

The basic premise in all religions is that God is perfect. God has never made a mistake, is omnipotent, and everything he or she has ever created or done is pure perfection. Going with that premise ask yourself this? Who made all of the angels? God right? Therefore, who made the devil? If everything emanates from God then there is only one answer. God! So what is the devil? Could the devil be God’s, pain, darkness and perfect imperfection? If so, what then is the reconciliation? When God faces and overcomes the devil? 

Could the devil have been created to show us that the path to our inherent Greatness can only be done by facing our darkness and perfect imperfections?

Statistically for decades, 7 out of 8 people when faced with a difficult life challenge that may even include the possibility of death if not addressed, and when presented with an option that could solve the difficulty, will still choose to do nothing.  Seven out of eight people will choose the status quo and possibly even death before they will choose self-awareness, self improvement and living in the Greatest version of themselves. I find that very sad. 

For thousands of years, the most difficult experience in life has been to see, admit and then do something about the pain, darkness and imperfections that we all possess. Add in the societal bias against sharing anything imperfect or emotional about ourselves and you can see why nearly all of us might choose death over our Greatness. 

Why is that? 

For one, The science of psychology and emotions is roughly only about 150 years old but it really wasn’t until the mid 1970’s when talk shows started surfacing and the concept of personal development and exploring our emotions really started to gain a measure of acceptance in society. In terms of emotional development as a species we have quite literally just discovered that the earth is not flat. It is the single greatest deficit in our progress as a species and also the single greatest opportunity. As a species, we are just now learning the skills, tools and information we need to overcome the emotional burdens we all have suffered. Therefore, could the next wave of growth in society have nothing to do with any sort of tech but instead be the emotional maturation of us all?

While in the minority, some researchers posit that DNA is formed from the repeated firing of emotions and that when you’re born 50% of the DNA from your parents is turned on. If accurate, that means you are born with the familial tree of pain, darkness and imperfections already activated upon your first breath. They believe the other 50% gets switched on by your environment which for most, are those same two parents. If so, that would mean we have been passing down emotional pain and the conditioned societal avoidance of addressing it since the beginning of the species. 


Could another roadblock to our Greatness be housed in the functioning of our brain? Brain Science in it’s current understanding believes that when faced with a new option, the decision is first carried out by our amygdala which houses our fight, flight or freeze response. Unfortunately the amygdala doesn’t know right from wrong it only knows, known versus unknown.  Doing something new triggers the amygdala’s fight, flight or freeze response. Since our species for centuries has “known” only to avoid, not face, not admit and not do something about our imperfections, could it be that our amygdala has been conditioned to choose death over Greatness?

So what is the solution? 

It seems the first place to start would be the removal of the societal bias. What if we began making it unconditionally acceptable to see, admit and do something about our pain and darkness? Would this create the necessary reshaping of our amygdala so it recognizes it as a “known” solution? Would that create excited experts at facing the devil inside us all?

Finally,  if the bias were removed, could that spur us to invest in further research and  programs to educate us all on how to develop the emotional skills, tools and knowledge to deal with our darkness and our perfect imperfections? Would that then make it easier for us to reconcile our pain and thus live in our Greatness?

Whether you are a believer or not, by looking at the story of God and the Devil from a slightly different viewpoint, could it open us up to the possibility of looking at life and our pursuit of success and happiness in a way that moves us to a new age of human development?  

Kenny Weiss is an Author, Speaker and Founder of The Greatness Movement. Through his own struggles with his personal darkness, Kenny has discovered a one of a kind process to help others see, admit and overcome their perfect imperfections. The process is detailed in his book Your Journey To Success which became the basis for The Greatness Movement and the groups that spawned to give everyone access to the skills, tools and knowledge to live in their Greatness!

For more information please visit: www.thegreatnessmovement.com



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