The 10 Reasons People Fail

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Why is it so easy to flounder and eventually go up in smoke when it comes to reaching our goals and dreams? These ten causes are the biggest things standing in your way of success. So what steps can you take to eliminate the biggest ones that are hindering you?

1) NO CLEAR PURPOSE: It is imperative that you decide where you want to go before setting off. If you have no clear vision of your end goal, you cannot not take the steps necessary to get you there. Even a million steps are no good if you’re heading in the wrong direction.

2) BELIEVING YOU’RE ONLY MEDIOCRE: Why tell yourself that your dreams are too far to reach? Once you believe you can achieve great things, you are halfway there. Swing for the fences and whatever it is you want to do, strive to be absolutely great at it!

3) PROCRASTINATION: I have news for you. The time will never be just right to go ahead and start your journey to success. Start right now before you talk yourself out of it again, and work with even the smallest things that you might have. Over time, you will gain a wealth of knowledge, people, and tools to help you.

4) NO COMMITMENT: To commit to something means that you will work through it, even during the difficult times. When you actually commit to something, you will find a way to get around or push through your obstacle. If you are uncommitted, you will feel discouraged and quit at the first sign of hardship.

5) BEING NEGATIVE: Frankly, nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly pessimistic and gloomy. And because real success is helped along incredibly rapidly with the assistance of others, you want to make sure that others want to be with you for your journey in the first place.

6) WANTING TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK: Don’t play the lottery… just don’t. That mindset in and of itself is harmful. You are subconsciously telling yourself you don’t need to work to make your fortune, because one day, it will be given to you. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, you are vulnerable to schemes and will spend the rest of your days waiting for riches that will never come. Work hard.

7) PUSSY- FOOTED DECISION MAKING: Indecision and procrastination is the same thing. Successful people reach decisions quickly with their gut and find a way to make it work later. People who fail will reach a decision (if at all) unnecessarily slow and constantly second- guess their choice.

8) NO ENTHUSIASM: Be excited about your dreams; after all, you are in the process of making them happen! When you are excited, you are more willing to follow through, and you will infect others who will also guide you along.

9) NO COOPERATION: Nobody has ever made anything for themselves alone, no matter what you may have heard. A good team (even the smallest ones) can make the biggest difference between failure and success. Treat your friends and team with respect, and listen to what they have to say.

10) BEING A CROOK: If you are dishonest or steal, it will catch up with you. Nobody respects a jerk, and a loss of reputation is as harmful to the ego as it is to your career.

I challenge you to seriously consider these ten reasons people fail and think of which ones have been harmful to you on your path to success. Which ones do you need to work on? Which ones are you good at?

Travis Barton

Life Coach



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