Anger is disappointed love. Whether it be disappointment in the fact that you can’t give it, or disappointment in the fact that you’re not receiving it. Either one, results in feelings of anger. How do you get rid of that anger? Is it possible to overcome a hurt so deep? A pain worse than any pain you have felt before. How do you simply accept the fact that you are not loved the way you are needed to be, and just move past it?

This disappointed love can be experienced in many different types of relationships. It could be insufficient love of a mother to child, father to child, or spouse to spouse. Each one is heart wrenching in it’s own way. These failures of love can also cause a chain reaction that follows you throughout your life. The failing love of a mother or father can taint any future relationships and create feelings of inadequacy throughout adulthood. How do you break the cycle? How do you dig yourself out of the hole of despair? I don’t know…

Even though I do not have the answer, I know it has to be done. You have to realize it is not “you” that is unlovable. It is the faults of the unloved person who is incapable of giving you the affection you need and deserve. Don’t get down on yourself. If it is mother or father incapability, try to look back on their upbringing. I am sure you will find faults of affection in their childhood as well. If it is a spousal negligence, examine their flaws and that might help you understand their actions.

You need to somehow create a positive out of an extremely negative situation. If motherly or fatherly love has been missing from your life; then you will make it your goal to be an exceptional parent. You will shower your children with love and affection so they will never experience any kind of disappointed love. If it’s the lack of spousal emotion, then my friend, move on and never look back. Have you heard the expression, “there is a lid for every pot?” Maybe this one worked for awhile but it was never really an exact fit. Now is the time to go out and find that stainless lid that gives 100% everlasting coverage and never disappoints.

Kristen Rossi



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