You know when someone breaks your heart and it hurts so bad that you feel something inside of you just shut off?

Then you find yourself laying on the bathroom floor–hugging your knees–tears streaming down your face. Your body shutters and shakes uncontrollably wondering if the giant size hole in your heart will ever be filled again.

The cold bathroom tile on your tear soaked face is the only thing that reminds you that are alive because the rest of you feels like you are floating above your body wondering how did you get here.

How did this happen to you? How did you become THIS person who feels such profound emptiness inside that you forget to breath?

You just want the pain to stop. To float back down into your body and have your life be what it was before you knew such heartbreak.

You want to feel normal again. Be YOU again. Feel whole again.

You eventually peel yourself off the bathroom floor, wipe away your tears with a warm wash cloth, and you hear the steel doors slam shut around your heart.

Whether you picked yourself up off the bathroom floor 5-days ago or 5-years ago, since that day you have been sleep walking through life with a wall up to protect your heart.

All the while unknowingly stopping yourself from being truly connected to others. Your heart is in a prison and is no longer free to experience the greatest joys, loves, and peace. You have dulled the pain while simultaneously dulling the joys.

What you do know is that you are tired of feeling numb and empty inside and are ready to make the courageous and heroic choice to open your heart up again.

To the Awakening. Your awakening. Your rebuilding. Of yourself. Your life. Your future. Your Happily Ever After…….begins within…….through the healing power of self love.

The Awakening

Resilient self love is a life-altering journey that begins with knowing who you are. Not the labels of daughter, mother, career, etc. Those labels don’t define you. Who you are is based on your top 3 core values. These 3 core values are your lantern in the darkness. Your key to unlocking the mystery that is YOU. Why you behave the way you do, why you react the way you do (your triggers), and the choices you make. Knowing your core values is like being tethered to what you believe to be most valuable.

Once you are tethered to who you are then you begin to write your personal bill of rights. Your boundaries of what is okay and not okay with you. How can you teach others how to treat you if your boundaries change or break like the ocean waves? Ask yourself, what is okay with me. What is not okay with me? Then hold tight and firm to your boundaries so that you can step into your power, speak your truth, and say kindly and unapologetically “that is not okay with me” when someone violates your boundaries. Gone are the days of feeling like a doormat or growing resentful from feeling taken advantage of. Boundaries are your new best friend. The loyal best friend that has waited patiently for you to be ready. Say hello to the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from people knowing how to love you the way you need because you showed them by honoring your boundaries.

The Journey

Let’s face it learning to love yourself can be scary as hell! And it sounds super hard at times. I know this to be true because it was true for me when I began my awakening. The journey was so scary at times that I wanted to give up. Or the times where it felt so hard to ask for what I want that I said nothing at all.

But you know what was even more difficult……..peeling myself up off the bathroom floor after “the” heartbreak. That was my motivation. My Why. Because I never wanted to feel that empty, devastated, and small again. So with each step of the journey to let go of my insecurities I was taking quantum leaps in building my confidence and strength. Now, resilient self love is my greatest superpower. It feels unstoppable!! Unstoppable to know with such certainty that no matter what is going on in the world around me…..the chaos….the noise….the stress…..the uncertainty of what others may do…….I will be standing. The inner peace, freedom, and possibility that comes from believing I am enough is limitless. You can have this too. You are enough. You are limitless. Your Happily Ever After Begins Within


Sarah Madras is a Relationship Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Author, and Worthiness Warrior. Founder of Esteem Builders Coaching and known for her fiery passion to motivate people to embrace their innate worth and live their best life. She has a talent for thoughtful truth-telling and authentic personal vulnerability. Her transparency about her own relationship breakdowns and breakthroughs provides a blueprint for other’s to reconnect to their personal power, speak their truth, tame their inner critic, reclaim their innate worth, and cultivate fulfilling relationships.
She combines her over a decade of experience as a licensed mental health therapist with her empowerment coaching superpowers to help you feel seen, heard, known, and VALUED in your relationships. She has seen professionally and personally how not loving yourself is the ROOT of all of life’s challenges. Challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, infidelity, divorce, low work productivity, etc. The symptoms are endless–the root cause is the same. The solution is building resilient self love.
It is from her own self love journey that she has been able to cultivate soulful relationships with herself, her husband of 8-years, their two boys (ages 2 and 5), and extended family and friends. It isn’t always easy. It isn’t always pretty. It is never perfect. It is always worth it.
To learn the remaining 5 steps to creating your own Happily Ever After, check out the latest at Then join us in the free Worthiness Warriors Facebook group. You can also contact Sarah directly at



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