Using Divorce to be the Best Possible You

Divorce leaves us with little choice but to recycle our life. We often focus on the practical parts of it as in housing, finances and changing our status from married to single. Divorce can be a time to embrace change and work on changing other areas of your life too. Some ways can be simple, others fun-here are some ideas to get you excited about changing your world for the positive.

  1. Changing where you go-is a simple way to expand your horizons. Trying a new gym, grocery store, church or restaurant can really be fun and exciting, too often when married we are stuck in a routine and now is the time to mix that up.
  2. Health what better time than now to get healthy, joining a gym and getting fitter is beneficial for you both mentally and psychically and will help you feel better about your self-moving forward.
  3. Update your wardrobe, there is something to be said for a style update. Hopefully you will be venturing out more, perhaps dating and a few new outfits can really give you the confidence boost you need.
  4. Try out a new hair style, are you stuck in a rut have the same hair style for a million years? Most of us do now is the time to try out a new do. If you are a man struggling with hair loss now is also the time to check out some of the many hair loss options. Luckily for us all now being a silver fox is the new cool so rock that as you move on.
  5. Nips and tucks, cosmetic surgery should only be done after a lot of thought and researching on the benefits and risks of each procedure. A little work if you really feel you want it though can be a boost in your post-divorce life.
  6. Mix up your home decor, can be buying all new furniture, or just rearranging the pieces you have in a different way or placing them in a different room. Even just a few new throw pillows or a new piece of artwork can really make you feel better about the home you live in and can also put it in a better mood at home.
  7. New friends -divorce is a great time to make new friends, other divorced single friends can be a big blessing as you navigate your way into your new life. Divorcees love other divorcees and everyone within that demographic knows what this journey is like and can be a great support system.
  8. Dating- it is now a great time to try dating different people, it teaches us a lot about ourselves and sets us up in a good position to know what we really want when we are ready to be in a serious relationship again.

Whatever you choose to change or embrace moving on after divorce know that the best is yet to come, and change can be the biggest of all the blessing that go with it.

Tiffany Ann Beverlin




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