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DreamsRecycled.com has primarily focused on reselling wedding rings, wedding dresses, as well as creating a community for people who are divorced to connect with one another and become informed about the stages of divorce. We are proud to announce our up and coming marketplace to re-sell prom dresses and blogs for a new demographic, teenagers! Prom is often viewed as a once-in-a-lifetime experience a life time goal and dream which is why we tend to spend way more than necessary.


Throughout my high school years I enjoyed all of the many dances, specifically prom. As a junior I spent $500 on my dress, this did not include the $60 shoes, $60 hair-do, $65 mani/pedi, $50 make-up, the prom ticket, dinner, transportation, boutonniere for my date or alterations. The average cost for a prom is $600 for a girl and about $300 for a guy. I must have spent nearly $1,000! Reminiscing on it reminds me how much stress, money, and time I spent on prom for the two years I went. Between my younger sister and I, we spent well over $2,000 this past year! This is absurd! Do you know how many different things I could have bought with that?!


Now that I have graduated I realized that I will never use these dresses again and they are just sitting in my closet taking up space. DreamsRecycled has made it possible to re-sell my prom dress, so the fabulous times I had can continue to be created with the dress I LOVED! I always thought I would reuse my prom dresses for sorority formals, if I decided to join a sorority and then I realized if I had the opportunity to re-sell my dress and buy a inexpensive dress when the time comes from dreamsrecycled.com I could save so much money!


The DreamsRecycled resale prom shop gives everyone the ability to sell their prom dresses and other prom items and save money, while also having the opportunity to create amazing memories with the hottest styles.


Book mark us now because, we are going to also be adding a multitude of blogs on teenage relationships and break ups. We believe the better you are at educating yourself on relationships as a teenager, the better chance you will as an adult make better relationship and marriage choices.


Elizabeth Drivas


DreamsRecycled Intern Extraordinaire



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