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Divorce Community -DreamsRecycled

Communities come in many forms, whether religious, sporting, hobby related, belief related or in our case circumstances related. We all are intrinsically tied to a circumstance non of us probably really thought would happen to us divorce.

As a helper within the divorce community, I am always intrigued by the fact that divorce is an equal opportunity heart breaker for us all. Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or economic status, heart ache or break is devastating to most of us. Here are some of the best tips for healing your heart from our divorce community DreamsRecycled members.

  1. Understand that everyone is not our ex. This can be hard because when trust is broken or pain is felt we run from trying to trust others. It is important to remember though that that 1 ex is only one person in 7.5 billion humans and is not the majority of humanity.
  2. Let things go-whether in the marketplace to sell divorce items, or emotionally letting our exes go, and moving on best case for you is to let everything go, and focus all energy on your own future.
  3. Designate times to grieve- sounds clinical but when we take control of when and for how long we allow ourselves to wallow in our heart ache, things get better. We do need to take time, but we should never stay in a heart broken state forever.
  4. Self love- a divorce can play havoc on your mind, ego and psyche, do whatever it takes to remain kind and caring to yourself. Whether daily positive affirmations, long bubble baths, indulging in your favorite sport or sleeping be kind and generous to yourself.
  5. Buy one great go to outfit, something that when you put it on makes you feel good about your self and your future, you may not be ready to date yet, but feeling good about yourself goes a long way in getting you ready for this new journey.
  6. Do the right thing, you may not want to at the time, but in life people rarely regret taking the high road, putting their children first or being civil to an ex. It isn’t always easy, but make it an aim to live a peaceful life moving forward for your sake and your children if you have them.
  7. Disconnect from social media- this helps us ficus on our own life in our own terms, nothing good comes from stalking exes, or engaging too much in social media when you are feeling down. It may seem like everyone else has a perfect life and you are the only one struggling but this is not the case,a and doesn’t help us heal moving on.
  8. Join a divorce community-no time like now is better to surround yourself with both a new crowd of people but more specifically one that understands your plight and can virtually hold your hand and help you through this process.

Divorce is hard joining a free divorce community like DreamsRecycled makes it easier.



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