10 Date Ideas After Divorce

If divorce has left you feeling like the best part of your life is over, it’s time to think again. After divorce, your love life can become even better than before. It might sound strange but divorce has actually made me a better person and a much more positive partner in an intimate relationship. There are definite advantages to being on the other side of divorce and I’ve highlighted the 10 best dates to start your new love life after divorce.

1. Go to a comedy club-laughter is always a great ice breaker on a date

2. Ride bikes together- something active and outdoors seems less intimidating

3. Watch a documentary about something that interests one or both of you-only allow people you know well and trust into your home

4. Play board games like Scrabble or Monopoly-easy fun group activity if you are not ready for one on one date

5. Take a cooking class together and cook dinner at your house afterward-food is said to be many people love language

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, or nursing home with them-if a person shows kindness to strangers they will more likely be kind to you also

7.Go to a Pilates or yoga class together-active and engaging can be fun

8.Go shopping for picnic items together and then find a romantic spot to eat-having to cooperate with each other can be a bond builder

9.Go to a concert that neither of you have seen before-music can bring others together

10.Find a cool little area or near by town and explore it together-exploring new things can give you a good idea of what the other person likes and dislikes

The great thing about dating after divorce is it a great way to meet people make friends and maybe find a new love, dating should be fun and not taken too seriously after a long time marriage or divorce.

This sounds odd, but things like divorce support groups give divorcing spouses a chance to see how others cope with meeting new people in an adult setting if you are not quite ready for the dating scene.

Divorce is the end of a marriage but it doesn’t have to be the end of your social life. You can meet someone new and create new memories.



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