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Your Cup Maybe Half Full But It’s Refillable!

This morning I came across a Facebook post it was simply two men riding a bus, one was happy looking out the window at the pretty scenery and smiling, the other man was looking down at the floor, sad and frowning. Same bus same journey, two totally different outlooks on life, the happy observant man, appreciating the lovely view and being grateful for the ride.The other man, not paying attention to anything the world has to offer and not choosing to enjoy the journey.If you have read my other blogs you will be familiar with my story of, you would also know that this is something I really struggled with, I don’t necessarily always see my life as a half filled cup, a lot of times and especially during my very stressful divorce, I saw it as half empty.I think the key really is not whether your personality type is glass empty or full, but to remember that we all hold within us the power and strength to refill our own cups.We all wake up every day with a million option, choices and opportunities ahead of us.Choices, a large percentage of the world population isn’t afforded, we can choose what we eat, what we wear, what we do, where we drive, who we talk to. The ultimate choice we are given every day though and by far the most important one is we can choose to be happy, it is a choice a daily commitment to choose joy, choose gratitude, laughter, forgiveness, what ever you have to do to make your self happy.This is so simple and it costs nothing, like the man on the bus, observe your surroundings, be grateful for the beauty you see around you, be grateful for the people who care about you. Seek joy and follow through on this, make plans, carve out time for your self, read, workout, go to lunch with your friends, catch up on your Netflix, order 3 desserts (OK maybe that’s just me don’t do that often not good for you). The point is though joy takes work daily actions how ever small, wear your favorite shirt to work, snag the best chair in the conference room, feel joy, feel gratitude for each smile of your day.
These daily small positive actions in my opinion actually can cause a snow ball effect of positive thoughts, can do attitude, success and eventually happiness, real true internal peaceful happiness. In fact I will take it one step further and say anything you wish to change in your life, habits, behaviors, attitudes can in fact be done by small daily actions creating a shift in your thoughts feelings and facilitating change of all types.I think I personally find the most frustration in talking to people who want change, happiness yet put no actual effort forth, not even for themselves to get to a better place in their life journey.You can I promise you, change any attitude you have it just takes work, belief and effort really like anything else in the world, a business doesn’t succeed without effort, a relationship can’t work with out effort, so why do we really expect happiness to just appear? It’s not a very realistic outlook, I really encourage you to try daily choice happiness, wake up, start each and every day choosing to be the happy joyful man on the bus, our life journey happens in 24 hour increments each and every day, and continues forward, so why don’t we just learn to enjoy the ride, and be our own cup filler in times of need and more importantly on a daily basis.

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