What I Never Expected From Divorce

“We need to divorce” was the scariest statement to ever leave my mouth. I remember being frozen in fear when it happened, knowing what I said yet unsure of the ramifications. Would the world stop? The walls fall around me? Would my children suddenly change before my eyes? Did I change with my new label, “divorcee in training?”

I had lived through many fearful moments in my past. But this was different. I never set out to be a single mom or a woman without a partner. Making meals solo and paying bills alone was not familiar. My vision was to be old with the man I loved, intimately holding hands while running fingers through our grey hairs. Never did I expect this!

And yet, my divorce gave me the exact opposite of what I expected. Though my life of “what I thought would be” was taken away, I was handed the opportunity to “create the life I’d never imagined!”

You see, early in my marriage, I was a teacher at a great school in Wisconsin when I stopped working to follow my former husband’s career in California. I replaced that chapter in my life to become a stay-at-home-mom, which was a gift. But I knew my purpose in life was to guide others and change lives. I just didn’t know how.

And what I didn’t foresee was how closing the chapter on my marriage to the man who I had given up my career for, would open opportunities to recycle the teacher within me and become the woman I am today.

I am grateful for my life and want the same for you. Below are my ah-ha’s!

Learn to accept and work through the hard times. You must feel the feels, let go of what no longer serves you, and find gratitude in the everyday. Bring joy into your life! Feed your heart, soul, mind and spirit …. the essence of who we all are.

Fall back in love with you. Listen to your needs, wants and desires. Work on your personal values and beliefs. Walk through the process of forgiving others. But most importantly, release self-judgment, shame and forgive YOU.

Be easy on yourself. Life teaches us valuable lessons. And when confronted with difficulties, remember to be good to you. Use your power of choice to accept what lies in your path, or to choose a new road in your journey. We all have the right to say YES – and an equal right to say NO. Please be gentle with you in this process.

“Creating the life you’d never imagined” comes with practice and begins with gratitude for your everyday. I challenge you to begin a gratitude list this week. Keep it simple or go big!

What are you thankful for?

Let’s keep the ripple effect of change flowing … xo

Sara Schulting-Kranz


Life Coach, Natural Energy Healer, Wilderness Guide, Executive Producer, and a single mom of three amazing sons



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