A cycle is an endless circle with no openings or escape routes. It just keeps repeating its path day after day, year after year. Control and insecurity follow this pattern. You have the controller and the victim; claws of domination digging into the flesh of the feeble.

Whatever the relationship maybe, it starts the cycle of the unbreakable circle. The controller is able to manipulate the mindset of it’s poor insecure prey. These fragile figures feel they can not handle anything on their own. Outsiders will comment and pass judgement as to why this person just doesn’t leave? How can they be so foolish to stay and take the ongoing abuse? But, how can they leave, if this is what they are accustomed to; and feel that they are not strong enough on their own? It is your classic Catch 22. They want to leave but they feel they can not; and in some sick sadistic way, they believe they need the other person to survive.

Whether it’s a mother or father’s manipulation of a child, or a lover to his/her significant other; the pattern and thought process is the same. The victim wants desperately to have their freedom, but freedom is a fear they are not willing to obtain. What’s the solution? How do you create the path of escape? You need to convince yourself that you are much stronger than you think, and you are! Circles of sadness are no way to live; no matter how difficult, they need to be broken.

Strength is within each and every one of us. They say we are all stronger than we think, and this is true. When push comes to shove, that once inconceivable courage, will manifest itself like an unrecognizable beast. It will surface horns blazing, like a mighty bull and perhaps, astonish yourself as well as everyone else. And once that monstrosity of determination comes through, it will never bury itself again. That new brawny backbone will alter your life for the better, and you will be a person filled with confidence and pride. That is how it should be, that is how it always should be. No more circles, just ongoing mountains with peaks of power.

Kristen Rossi