Thanksgiving, reasons to be thankful you are Alone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I never until my divorce really realized how big a holiday thanksgiving really is. Most children now get an entire week off from school, and statistically more people travel during this week than any other of the year. Thanksgiving is a time for food, fun, family more food and mostly being thankful. Not quite so easy after a divorce to find things to be thankful for. Not also as easy to spend thanksgiving weekend alone. Not every one has the means nor the time off work to travel for the holidays and half of the divorced parents will be by definition spending their thanksgiving without even their children with them.

I will be one of the multitude of single parents alone this holiday weekend so to celebrate and continue my never ending lemonade making I compiled this factual yet amusing list of reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving you are alone.

1. You don’t have to cook, for your exes large extended family 100 dishes cooked to perfection that take you 4 days of prep before and 4 days of clean up after.

2. You don’t have to clean your house frantically because you know your in laws are giving not only your cooking but your house keeping skills marks of 10 for cleanliness, forgetting you have 3 kids dogs and work to attend to also.

3. If you do venture into the kitchen and cook a turkey for yourself and dog you get BOTH turkey legs which you can eat while in you PJ’s on your sofa watching The Tudors pretending to be medieval (ok that may just be me). But come on Jonathan Rhys Meyers so dreamy.

4.You can sleep entire day meaning that on black Friday at 5 am you are cheery rested and happy unlike the rest of the people who spent all night cleaning from their festivities.

5. You don’t have to listen to anyone telling you how you cooked something that isn’t how they “usually ” have it or like it or want it.

6. You don’t have to listen to the braggers of your family (there are always some people who use family holidays to make it an I, I, I holiday). I certainly don’t miss that!

7.You have entire week end to put up your Christmas tree with no crazy kids and dog running through the house breaking glass tree ornaments and dragging lights and tinsel everywhere.

8.You don’t get fat, yippee! You are probably 3lbs lighter than anyone you know partaking in thanksgiving celebrations.That always makes me happy. I just googled this average Thanksgiving meal approx 4800 calories, wow!

9.You save a ton of money, you don’t need thanksgiving outfit, no one to impress, no holiday hair and nails, no crazy food bill. Take that money spend at black Friday on your self of course. I see new boots in my future.

10.There will be no flight delays, no lines at parks, no waits, no multitude of travelers germs, no cranky kids whining” are we there yet?”, no bad roads, no traffic, come on you know that sounds blissful.

11.Not wet pastry who eats soggy pumpkin pie? Who eats this I can’t even pretend to like that, sorry pumpkin pie lovers but this I do not miss.

Basically all joking aside being alone doesn’t have to be that bad, relax , catch up on the movies you never saw,the books you never read, eat the food you actually like, not the greasy turkey gravy your cousin makes.Reflect on all the good things and people in your life, this year I personally am so grateful to each and every user and supporter of, everyone who shares a link , tells a friends, lists a ring, and to the great new people who have joined our team “thank you”. Know too that it’s just another day, like all holidays are, make the most of it, be happy and know that even though you may be alone their are probably quite a few people around the country or world who do care about you and love you, so be grateful for this not just Thanksgiving day but everyday.

Happy Holidays Dreamers, you can have all the pie just send me the stuffing 🙂

Much love today and every day,

Tiffany Beverlin




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