When Your Ex Has No Boundaries After Divorce

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Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! Often lack of boundaries is a trait that leads to divorce, (cheating, lying) so it isn’t surprising that I speak to a high number of divorcees, who have issues with their exes even after divorce…

What Is Anger!

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Anger is disappointed love. Whether it be disappointment in the fact that you can’t give it, or disappointment in the fact that you’re not receiving it. Either one, results in feelings of anger. How do you get rid…

Blindsided By Life!

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Do you ever feel like you have been blind-sided by life? Everything you once thought to be true, was really just an optical illusion. Relationships and values that you held sacred, and lived by, now cease to exist.…

Is The Grass Always Greener?

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Is the grass always greener? This inevitable question has plagued the minds of thousands throughout the years. It is the question pondered when making most major decisions. Should I look for a new job? Should I change my…

Should You Divorce?

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Should I divorce? This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked by the users of I never answer this question as it is not a decision that can or should be made by…

Why The Only Dating Immediately After Divorce Should Be With Yourself

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Exiting any marriage, no matter how long or brief, is always heart wrenching and also an adjustment. One of the biggest adjustments is getting used to the single life, and the new found dating scene you will find…

What I Broke – 4 Lessons My Broken Heart Taught Me!

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I was a heap on the floor.  Could barely breath as the only comfort to my current flood of emotion was the cold tile of the bathroom floor that I let my face press up against.  He had…

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The 4 Step Mindset Map

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When facing divorce, whether before, during or after, mastering your psychology is critical. Most mindset gurus address thoughts, actions and behaviors. Albeit important aspects, this approach only deals with our conscious level. However, our sub-conscious, where deep seated…

9-1-1 Divorce Emergency!

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When we are blindsided by a separation or even if you knew it was coming for a while, there is always a big dilemma we face. Where to go? What do we do now? Is there really help…

Now That You’re Divorced, Who Are You?

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You are no longer Mrs. What’s-His-Name. What is your identity now? Have you kept the name or did you decide to change it? What are you doing to develop a new identity, to bring out the real you?…

Beware Of Men Preying On You During Your Divorce!

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Remember that old saying “Buyer beware?” I have another saying, Divorced lady beware! There are guys out there who look for the newly divorced. They know you’re vulnerable and take full advantage of that fact. They have radar…

Rising Above How Low People Can Go!

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I receive a lot of messages from individuals who are embarking on divorce or are recently divorced. One of the topics I hear often is how their ex partners or spouses act during or after their divorce. The…