Believe it or not, it is our weakness that helps to make us strong individuals. Through every fallen experience or lost battle, our character grows and multiplies like a militant army of defense. With each bad circumstance we gain a layer of impermeable power. These layers define our identity and enable us to keep going.

No one is without emotion. We are in actuality, human, and feelings are a part of our genetic makeup. But as we mature, we learn how to protect ourselves. We are able to harden our exterior to safeguard that emotional openness.

Picture the Russian Matryoshka dolls. These famous wooden figures range from big to small. The larger dolls envelop and insulate the smaller feeble ones. The same is true of the protective layers we build for ourselves. We learn to develop solid rock, after solid rock, with every experience of misfortune. Our exterior strength becomes massive, yet, that sensitivity still lies deep within us. As each figure is opened, a smaller and smaller one is revealed; until ultimately, the smallest one of all is discovered. The little infant from where we began, untarnished and unscathed from all the injustice and wrongdoings of life. This innocent being is only able to persevere due to the reinforced barricades of fortification created over the years. These barriers of protection are essential for us to survive.

Weakness and vulnerability are always with us. They are the seeds from which our strength grows. That once tiny, insecure, helpless being has added layer after layer of rock hard vitality. Thus, making us more and more difficult to break down. Our fears will never leave us; but each time we overcome another difficult experience, we create another pillar of security. This suit of amour is stronger than the strength of a thousand men, and all began with a little piece of vulnerability.

Kristen Rossi