In this series of blogs excerpted from “Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide For Women,  Derek is going to explain some of the Players we need to watch out for.

PART 1: Players can be broken down into three major categories. We can further break down those three categories of Players into 13 detailed types.

Understanding the Players: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Players can be put into three categories; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It’s important that you determine as early as possible if the new guy you’ve met is a Player. the type of Player he is, and which category he fits in.  Read on and learn….

The Good

The Good Players are the ones you see coming from a mile away.  They’re fun, sexy, and playful.  They’re proud to be a Player and will tell you up front what they’re about.  These are the men that are fun to have a fling with, a summer tryst, or when you’re rebounding from a tough break up.  They will rock your world in and out of the bedroom, and will put a bounce in your step.

The Good Player is one of the last places on this planet where you’ll see some actual “truth in advertising.”  They will never tell you they love you (unless they mean it, but that’s best discussed in a later chapter). They will make you feel like a woman from head to toe.  The unique feature that this Category of Player offers is that it’s very likely that by the time your time together is done, you will be a better woman than before you had met him.

WARNING: Remember, this guy makes EVERY WOMAN he’s with feel INCREDIBLE!  That’s why he’s so good at being a Player.  He won’t steal your heart like the other Players, but you WILL want to GIVE it to him.  DON’T even think about it.  He’s a carefree, no strings attached affair.  Enjoy it while it lasts and when it ends; be happy that you got to experience it.

There are three main types of “Good Players” which we will explore in this series of blogs.

The Bad

The Bad Player Category is filled with Players that will play ALL the head games with you.  They are the ones that will lie, cheat and steal to get between your thighs.  You won’t see them coming unless you know what to look for.  Turn your back on one of them for too long and you might find him in bed with your best friend.

Not only will he be  a waste of your time, effort and makeup, and he will also set you back in your goal to meet The ONE.  Consider this type a detour that leads you down a beautiful country road that suddenly ends and sends you off a cliff crashing into the rocks hundreds of feet below.
There are nine main types of “Bad Players” which we will explore in this series of blogs


This Category of Players is in a word…. FRIGHTENING!  If you thought the Bad Player Category was bad, the UGLY Category is like the BAD Category on Steroids.  I’m being very serious, these guys are DANGEROUS and should be avoided at all costs.  While the BAD Players can break your heart, frustrate you and waste your time, the UGLY Players will crush your self-esteem, destroy your life, destroy your dreams, and in some cases, will kill you.
There is one main type of “Bad Players” which we will explore in this series of blogs

In the next blog post on Players, we will dive into the Good Players, their types, how to spot them and how to protect yourself.

Derek Wellington

Derek Wellington is the author of the book Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide for Women. When his beautiful daughter was born five years ago, he realized that Karma had a sense of humor. Over the years, he’s seen many women left heartbroken after getting involved with Players aka Bad Boys. So, he sat down, and wrote everything he knew about Players, the mental games they play, how they seduce women and how women can protect themselves. More importantly, he shares how to quickly determine if you’re dating a man with long term potential or just a Player.  If you’re a newly single or divorced woman trying to navigate the dating minefields, or if you have a single female friend, sister, or daughter, you need to pick up this book, Player Proof.