Picture perfect doesn’t exist. That “oh so perfect” fairy tale always turns out to be one heaping pile of bullshit. Nothing drives me more insane than a person who pretends everything is “wonderful” all the time. You know the type, always smiling from ear to ear, often speaking with the sing song voice that makes the hairs on your back stand up. Their lives could be falling apart at the seams, but if you ask them how everything is…”oh wonderful, simply wonderful!” Who do they think they are fooling? No one’s life is perfect. In fact, unfortunately, most often people are exposed to more hardship than happiness.

It is one of my pet peeves to watch a person like this in action. I can not stand phoniness of any kind. The sad part is, the whole reason for the “happy act” is to protect their own self image. All they are concerned with is how they are portrayed by others. They want everyone to think their world is flawless; and that they can conquer that world with smiling ease. Sometimes they will even go as far as to tell lie after lie, just to protect that ever so perfect exterior.

This facade might fool people for awhile, but in the end, the truth catches up with them. The phoniness is exposed and the skeletal secrets can no longer be kept hidden. People lose respect for this once perfect, mythical character. The only thing that is left behind is a bad taste in the mouths of others.

Be true to yourself and to who you are on the inside. Flaws and imperfections are what make each of us unique individuals. There is not one person in this world with a blemish free existence. Disappointment is an ongoing part of life which we learn a valuable lesson from each time we experience it. Honesty and truthfulness are the qualities of a true hero. A hero that people respect and connect with, as opposed to a pseudo perfect person who people will only come to detest.

Kristen Rossi