All my life I’ve been one of those people who ate what they wanted and didn’t care where the food came from. I can still taste a medium rare Kolbe Filet mignon with mushrooms in melted butter and poured over the meat, (a moment of silence for the author to recall this delicate delectable taste and smell). See, it’s so easy to recall this love of meat but if you had shown me how the food was prepared and the cow it would be coming from, I could not take even one bite. I became a vegetarian over 7 years ago and I did it for no solid reason other than, some guy said to me, I’m a vegetarian, I looked at him with shock for I have know very few vegetarians in my life, either way, I was surprised.

Next day I’m grocery shopping and I walk by my weekly purchase of bacon, omg do I love bacon. As my eyes met with bacon, the only thought going through my mind was, I don’t eat meat anymore , I’m a vegetarian and continued on my way. It was that easy . I didn’t think about meat ever again unless it was a joke and I really didn’t have a desire to eat meat or chicken, and I was a huge chicken eater, three to four times a week I had chicken. Over time I began to noticed a change in how my stomach felt after a meal.

Now I’m not saying to stop eating meat ,and you too will feel a difference in your stomach. You might but I also a made the choice to eat many salads, take vitamins and drink a lot of water. With the daily exercise regime and commitment to my body. In time, I began to feel amazing . It’s as if my body was thanking me for giving it what it wanted. Then one day I began to get a headaches and I knew that I hadn’t been getting the protein that my body required , so I grabbed a turkey wrap and began to feel better instantly. I think in order to achieve our goals, no matter what they are, we have to do everything in moderation for us and our life style. Everyone has their own unique recipe for happiness . Our body will guild us there, we just have to listen and that is the most difficult things.

I had literally changed over night – how is that possible ? made a decision and stuck to it, and I never looked back and perhaps the biggest point, I never questioned my self. The skittish squirrel has left the building . I think we tend to overthink the things that we want to omit from our life, it’s change and as we all know the word scares us right out of our 70’s gouaches and our Dr. Sholl’s . You might be wondering what is point of all this , well there are a number of points to recall.

Life changes without warning just on a whim sometimes. If we don’t give much thought to doing something that we feel is difficult or fearful to us, we just might do it and accomplished our goals. I think if we give something very little of our time, and take it for what it is, we take the power away and put it back on us. Your best partner in life is your body. Your body will tell when you are running low on certain nutrients and your body will tell you what makes you feel good and that will make you toss your cookies.

Remember, when it comes to good health, learn about what you want to achieve and read up on a healthy way to reach what you what . Do everything in moderation ,and try to keep a journal of how you feel and what changes you have made, what you like thus far and even the things that have been less than appealing to you. Take your time , work with this. It’s with retinue. Once you have all various parts of unity coming together, you will see a new strength oh, don’t forget to hold yourself accountable, you’re making an amazing you !

Caroline ME

I’m an educator of beauty design that is developed for you who desires
a more suitable character within themselves, and an increased acceptance of
your physical body and your personal self. Transforming your inner self through guiding you along the path that ultimately empowers you, igniting your inner light with confidence, and inspiration, joy, love and serenity. Your inner light is what supports you ,and encourages you as you walk through to complete your physical transformation that radiates a pure love from within.