Is the grass always greener? This inevitable question has plagued the minds of thousands throughout the years. It is the question pondered when making most major decisions. Should I look for a new job? Should I change my career path? Should I leave my significant other?

So many dilemmas of life all revolve around this one measly question. And yet, the answer possibilities are endless. There are so many subdivisions of this question that need to be broken down before any clear cut decision can be made. A list of pros and cons is necessary to contemplate this life changing question.

If I think I want a new job, can I find one that will make me significantly happier and better my life financially? Will I like my new work environment, and will I get along with my new co-workers? Is it comparable travel wise, or will the extra miles exhaust me more than my prior commute? Do I really have it that bad in my current job, or am I just experiencing a rough patch?

Should I just up and change my career altogether? Is this even something that I can handle? Does it involve going back to school or succumbing to low man on the totem pole? What will this new endeavor cost me? Why do I want to change careers in the first place?

And lastly, should I leave my significant other? What events have lead me to question this relationship? Am I still “in love” with this person, or has that dissolved; and all that’s left is a superficial love with no intimate connection? Will I be able to stand on my own? What if I never find a similar companionship to ease the lonely days?

So many questions with so many possible answers; in life nothing comes easy. We have to make our decisions wisely and truly take the time to rationally consider an acceptable outcome. Life altering choices transform our essence forever. It is the endless fork in the road. Which path do we take? Do we stay on the safe, predictable slightly tarnished grass, or do we choose the new and unknown path with the much greener one?

Kristen Rossi