How Do I Get My Inner Passion Back?

You’ll hear many experts say things like “Passion is attractive”. Well, that’s only useful if you’re feeling the passion, am I right? What about those times when we were just heart broken or when the weather’s been absolute crap and you haven’t seen the sun in 4 days? What about when you’ve gained 15 pounds and you’ve had to adapt to stretch pants as your new fashion trend? What about when you’re just not feeling it.

OMG I’ve been there. Specifically the stretch pants bit. I keep debating whether or not to go shopping for new pants because I KNOW it’s going to mean getting a size I just don’t want to face. Also, I live in Canada and it’s December, which means I’m nestled indoors most of the time and vitamin D3 drops just aren’t cutting it.

As a Love Coach, I’m all about the passion, but if I feel like crud then how the heck am I supposed to inspire women to feel delicious from the inside out so they can attract their match? I refuse to be an inauthentic coach so I had to learn fast!!


If you’re having a quick dip in the deep end, then some quick pick-me-ups can be your life-savers.
1. Blast favourite song. I go for Adele’s Rollin in the Deep or Doobie Brothers Long Train Runnin’. Play it loud and sing it hard. Make yourself GET INTO IT.
2. Be 10x more dramatic in the mirror. The laugh at yourself and move on
3. Full body push-ups. Do more than you think you can do. For you this might be ONE!
4. Open the window or go outside. That fresh air works like a charm
5. Do one thing that you’ve been avoiding and do it until completion. Have it be something that you can do in less than an hour


Ok but sometimes we don’t catch the quick dips in time and find ourselves lost at sea, feeling low, unmotivated. I think of that old cartoon “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of people counting on me to be THEIR rock, so if this happens, I need to know what to do get my zest for life back! Here is an example of what I do. It literally came to this a few days ago.

STEP 1. INDULGENCE HOUR/DAY. I give myself 1 hour and sometimes a whole day to look and feel like crap. I press into it. I go for it, whole heartedly. I order the pizza and chocolate, I let my belly hang out, the whole deal. It’s probably hilarious to see. At some point in the hour or day, I realize that this isn’t me. I’m sick of it. I’m not happy living this way and it’s not who I am. (Disclaimer: this step MIGHT have something to do with my pants not fitting).

STEP 2. TELL ON YOUR SELF. This is what stops the indulgence train. I tell someone like a coach or mentor how I’ve been feeling, what I’ve been telling myself, and what I’ve been doing. Just saying it outloud naturally reaffirms that this isn’t who I really am and that it’s not the way I want to live. If I picked the right person, they will remind me to be responsible for my own self love and will empower me to re-set and re-organize my life where needed.

STEP 3. IGNITE THE SPARK. I pick one thing that I know will help me or lift my spirits. This happened this week. The ONE THING I decided to do was to put on a thousand layers of clothes and take my dog for a walk in the cold. I pushed through the windy streets and soaked in the sunny ones. I felt alive again.

STEP 4. CREATE FLAMES. I give myself creation time. This might include collaging, goal setting, re-doing my whole calendar to include the list of things that make me happy and fulfilled and successful. I use bright colouring coding with my google calendar. What are some simple actions steps to get some old things back in motion and some new things brewing?

STEP 5. BLOW ON THE FLAME As I was walking, I found myself motivated to go get myself a new notebook (I had lost mine), and after that, I treated myself to lunch, and after that, I found myself editing 4 unfinished promotional videos and all of a sudden, I’m loving my life all over again!

Use these steps or create your own. Whatever you do, remember that life is short but we are human. So set yourself up for revival when you lose your mojo!

Much Love

Michelle Baxo
Love Coach and Owner of Power Love Project



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