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Beat the Holiday Alone Doldrums 7 Steps!

Holiday dull drums can get the better of us at anytime with anyone, especially when trying to get used to spending the holidays alone after a divorce or break up. I have to admit I was the queen of bah humbugness hating every holiday I was alone, after few holiday seasons alone though I think I have conquered my holiday fears, here are some simple tips to help you make it through the holidays with as little misery as possible, perhaps even with joy!

1. Say yes, personally I don’t enjoy attending things alone but I make myself say yes to most invites, parties, friends-givings, holiday house gatherings, if nothing else, good food, and gets you out of your home alone which to me always seems the worst.

2. Date, well good time to go on few dates, more people use dating apps over the holidays than any other time, few drinks or a movie with someone in the same boat as you helps you feel not so alone, worst case you make a friend best case you make a relationship.

3. Be productive, give back, if faced with large amount of time off work alone, look up some holiday volunteer opportunities, bake cookies for your co workers, neighbors, bring joy to others, this always to me makes holidays more special to give back in some way.

4. Work out, the reason I am always saying this is that generally body and mind work together to form how you feel, the healthier and stronger your body the better, when dealing with anything. I like to set myself goals to counter act the holiday food massacre that tends to take place every holiday season.

5. Throw a party, gathering something, invite all your friends and single people you know, theme it make it fabulous, or if don’t have time money energy for this, you can have really fun evening of xmas movies, eggnog and few select friends playing games. This is sure to be fun and result in laughter and laughter is always the best remedy for life’s ups and downs.

6. Skype/Facetime catch ups with your far friends and family, are an awesome way to spend the holidays, next best thing to having time with your far nearest and dearest. plane it take into account time difference, grab a coffee or some wine, catch up you will be glad you did.

7. Start new traditions, movie nights, cookie baking days, happy hours, runs, beach trips what ever you want that’s the great and exciting part of being a divorcee you have unlimited possibilities and unlimited options and you alone get to choose how and what and who with you get to spend you time, so be grateful for this. Grateful mind, grateful heart, grateful life, always leads to happier days eventually!

Life is what you make it , so get up off the sofa, try to stop feeling sorry for your self and use your alone holidays for good of your self, and those around you , you will be glad you did.


Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas ,


Tiffany Beverlin






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