Not as hard as you think

I’ve got so many thoughts and ideas popping up in my head right now, that I’m beginning to feel like a hot air popper. Speaking of hot air poppers, remember salt free and butter free popcorn is a good snack to keep handy. Idea that popped is fitness. The more that I think about fitness, the more that I see fitness blankets a rather large variety of topics. Nowadays everyone wants everything to “fit”. Fit clothes help us to feel better about our outer layer. Now we need a fit body so that our clothes fit us properly.

What about our mind ? How about our emotions and our emotional state? They should be healthy too ! Think about it , what happens if our emotional state isn’t fit, this can really place a large ominous cloud over our heads aka- grumpy day! How about your friendships, they have to fit us too, otherwise someone is falling off the sleepy wagon. Having a fit mind and a fit body makes all the difference in the world, it really does.

Over the passed 10 years, people have taken more of an interest in their body for themselves not for anyone else. I believe that people, especially woman have seen major changes in their workout friends and friend in general. Let’s face it, we all want to walk around with a smile on our face and actually know that we are truly happy inside, a genuine happiness that flows like a lazy spring or fall day. The suns out, shinning on our face and we feel really amazing , our bodies filled up with a pleasant almost euphoric energy within us uplifting our soul ,remember now ? If we were to capture this feeling and sell it, everyone with be financially secure.

How do we get ourselves there ? We can see the end result ,and we see the transformation rooting itself. We need to work on ourselves, keeping every part of our body healthy and fit. Say we begin with our mind, how do we go about keeping our mind healthy and fit ? Keep our minds on the go, always try to learn something new each day. Reading is another big one, and I don’t mean reading comic books and magazines. Scrabble is another great way to teach ourself new words. What about starting a business, maybe raising a couple of dwarf bunnies. The possibilities are endless for creating a fit and healthy mind.

Okay, how about working on the physical body ,don’t let that intimidate you, because you know that you can achieve it. Walking the dog or walking a bunny rabbit. Yes, you read that one right. My friends had a bunny and they used to walk him every night on a leash. Join a running club or better yet, sky club ! Dancing and Tai Chi , again this is endless.

Let’s do our self check in and see where we are at. What kinds of food are you snacking on in the evening ? Eating carbs, coffee and sugars ? Antioxidants are great in keeping free radicals away. Remember hearing ,you are what you eat ? It’s all true. Love yourself as if you were just loving yourself for the first time. You’re special and you deserve to be fit and fabulous but I think most importantly, you have fit and you have strength and beauty, so why not show the real you- don’t be afraid to uncover your fit and fabulous beauty.

Caroline ME

I’m an educator of beauty design that is developed for you who desires
a more suitable character within themselves, and an increased acceptance of
your physical body and your personal self. Transforming your inner self through guiding you along the path that ultimately empowers you, igniting your inner light with confidence, and inspiration, joy, love and serenity. Your inner light is what supports you ,and encourages you as you walk through to complete your physical transformation that radiates a pure love from within.