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Divorce One of the Top Causes of Financial Stress in Seniors

Divorce is ranked as the 5th biggest cause of financial stress among seniors. It splits families and splits their resources. For seniors, financial stress is more acute because there are reduced financial options and less chance to earn through work than when younger. Here is the top 7 causes of financial stress for American seniors:

1. Job Loss/Reduction – 51%
2. Healthcare – 29.5%
3. Other – 21.6%
4. Unpaid Taxes – 12.7%
5. Divorce/separation – 8.2%
6. Bankruptcy – 6.7%
7. Foreclosure notices – 5.7%

When divorce proceedings occur people are put under a huge amount of stress. Each of the financial issues listed above can cause a range of physical and mental health issues. Divorce compounds these because both parties need to find a new place to live, adjust to living alone, deal with the emotional results of the divorce, changed social status and groups, and greatly reduced assets and incomes. This stress can cause:

● Anxiety
● Chest pain and rapid heartbeats
● Depression
● Headaches
● Lethargy
● Insomnia
● Loss of desire
● Low energy
● Susceptibility to colds and infections
● Upset stomachs

It is possible to use diet, exercise, and meditation to reduce the issues brought about by financial stress and divorce. By utilizing these ideas, it is possible to think clearer and make more sensible financial decisions which will make life easier in the long run. To find out more, check out this expert guide on how to cope with stress, Here!

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