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Dating In Your 30’s and 40’s

Dating in your 30s and 40s- Most popular questions answered

As a Love Coach and creator of Power Love Project, I hear a LOT of the same questions when it comes to being effective in the dating world today, especially from women in their 30s and 40s. So I thought it might be very useful to answer some common Q&As.

Q- I want to find my true partner. How many dates do I need to go on?
A- This is different for everyone. People have different barriers that get in the way of connecting with the right person and these barriers can be love blockers no matter how many dates you go on. However, I recommend that you start by creating a dynamic dating life. Keep it PG and go on 1-2 dates every week. Aim to meet at least one new eligible person every week.

Q- What if I don’t have time to date?
A- If finding love is important to you, MAKE THE TIME. This is not the time to stomp your feet and refuse hard work. You become successful through the right actions combined with the right mindset. You know this! If you don’t make dating a priority, you are left with exactly what you have in your love life- nada. PS- you wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t important to you, so now it’s time to align your schedule with your truth.

Q- Do I have to go online or use those dating apps?
A- You don’t have to do anything. Are you effective at meeting new people and going on dates through your social and day-to-day life? Are you meeting the kinds of people that you’d like to date? If you’re going on dates with at least 1 new eligible person every week without online sites or apps than no problem. Most people find this difficult because they already live a full-life. Online dating and dating apps are great because you meet people from outside your automatic circles, and you are fishing in a pool of the already declared: single and looking. Think of it as a business strategy- this is your warm market and you need to fill the pipeline! That being said, don’t hide behind online dating either. Many people feel like they have an active dating life but what they really have is a punch of pen pals and a strong thumb from swiping right and left. I challenge my clients to meet people online and in person and to move things along quickly.

Q- What if I dread dating?
A- You know that expression, no one can make you happy but you? Well, no one can make dating enjoyable but you. If it’s stressful, that’s because you’re being stressed. If it’s boring, then you’re being boring. If it’s exhausting, it’s because you are in your head, trying too hard or expecting too much. Dating is such an incredible way to learn from others and develop yourself as a WHOLE person. When you travel and meet new people, are you stressed, bored or exhausted? Probably not. Bring that mindset to your dates. Enjoying yourself is YOUR job.

Is it time for you to remove your barriers, attract the right people and fall in love?

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Much Love,

Michelle Baxo

Love Yourself. Love Your Life. Fall in Love. Don’t Settle.



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