I am a true believer – when what you wear fits you beautifully inside and out, opportunities knock.

We all have been taught about the power of a good first impression and that putting your best foot forward has an exponential impact on attitude and confidence. So why then, when people are going through an important transition does making over their outer self to match their new goals or dreams fall somewhere near the bottom of the list?

I believe it’s because of the following truths –

First, we all prefer to spend our time doing what we already know how to do. It is so much easier, and we can experience more instant gratification. We all want to feel good about our progress, especially in a time of transition. Second, because we all lead tremendously busy lives with little spare time between obligations. It is challenging to balance spending time with the people who are most important to you with taking care of yourself.

So many times I have had clients refer friends who know they have a need to transition their wardrobe and the excuse for putting off our appointment is always – “life gets in the way.” It could be a combination of anything – they have started a new career, gone back to work, had a baby, gotten divorced, had a family member fall ill, or recently moved – and are all overwhelmed balancing the transition. Understandably everyone prefers to devote their spare time to catching up with friends and family rather than investing time in trying something new. However, putting updating your personal or professional style near the bottom of the list in transition is not an effective strategy.

The key is connecting the dots – when you invest a few hours, you will eliminate the stress you face every morning looking at your outdated closet. Give yourself permission to recognize that aligning your style is not your forte. Or, if you have never had a challenge before, it’s okay to allow you might need a tune up to reflect your new goals.

How do you become an expert in how to efficiently update your look? The answer is, you don’t have to! As the client, your only responsibility is to be able to answer the following questions – What is the new image or brand I want to represent? Who is my audience? What is my goal?

And then use your answers to those questions to discover this –

If I had one sentence to express the message I would want my look to convey – what would that be?

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to efficiently and effectively tackle the process of matching your updates to your message. How? By trusting a knowledgeable personal shopper or sales associate and working with them! Choose a department or specialty store that carries all classifications for a one stop shop and leave outfitted from head to toe. Ask the first associate you see that you feel comfortable with if they are able to assist you. Or even better ask someone you know who’s style you admire if they work regularly with anyone that you could connect with. Share about your transition, and the message you want your new look to achieve. And then let the personal shopper or sales associate be the expert – they will select key pieces and style outfits that match your message. This will save you time, instead of spending the entire afternoon roaming listlessly around the mall, you will be able to spend those extra free hours with the friends and family that you love.

Knowing that you are able to consistently style yourself to put a well-heeled foot forward to greet your day is guaranteed to help you achieve your new goals that much faster. I wish you that kind of confidence – it’s truly priceless.


Rachel Levin

President Rachel Levin Style LLC.