Divorce and Fear: From Survive to Thrive!

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Fear, stress, anxiety and divorce are all interconnected and often seem inseparable. Fear of the unknown is scary and gets complicated when you factor in children, money, living arrangements, the divorce process and dealing with your soon to…

Am I Ready to begin the Healing Process?

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Where are you in the cycle? Are you thinking about divorce, in the process of divorcing, or is your divorce finalized? Each step has its kick-in-chest, gut-wrenching pain combined with a feeling of liberation as you release the…


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Going through a divorce is probably the most stressful thing you have ever been through. I remember, the longer the proceedings dragged out the more stressed I became. However, the longer it went on, the stronger I got,…

May to December Marriages- The Odds Are Against You!

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I read a very interesting study recently that clearly showed the odds of a marriage lasting based on the age differences of your spouse. They were very compelling statistics, stating at 2 years or under age difference this… Article- Why Do Celebrity Marriages Fail?

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Divorce: A Perfect time to chart a new course. Sounds good but how?

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When the realization takes hold that your marriage has run its course it is ok to move on. It is an opportunity to move ahead, sort out your priorities and find happiness. Sounds good, but how do you…

That Period Between Happily Married And Divorce!

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People ask me why divorce is so painful, I always answer with this, it generally isn’t recent sharp pain, but a dull slow death, an awareness that all is not right between you and your spouse. Not everyone…

Space in Relationships


The other day my girlfriend confided in me that her and her significant other weren’t doing so well. I encouraged her to spend some time with herself and to focus on what she wants for her life. A…

What We Want vs What We Need

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It’s an exciting adventure to step out and embrace who we are. We become giddy at the idea of fulfilling our every whim, jumping at each twinge of pleasure and seeking to fill our hearts. But what is…

How to Show Yourself Love on the Biggest Love Day of the Year

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It’s been another year well spent loving yourself with or without a mate. Pat yourself on the back because loving yourself is often the hardest thing you could do. And fortunately for you, it’s one of the most…

Stop, Break, Reach Out: Learning to Ask for Help

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One of the biggest lessons I’m learning is that if you want something you need to reach for it. And sometimes that something is help. Fear can be a cumbersome roommate, and we need to realign ourselves with…

Learning to Love Your Light and Trust Your Truth: A 3-step Process

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It’s quite the journey we’re on, right? As I descend one mountain and round another bend, I feel like there’s always another corner to turn or mountain to peak. Part of this journey is learning to love my…

How to Handle Other People’s Bad Moods

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Watch out for when people aren’t in the best mood. Their mood will attempt to drag you down. And sometimes successfully so. What’s most interesting about these times is that their moods are just that – moods. It’s…