Divorce Who’s Fault Was It Anyway!

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We live in a society filled with media over load on celebrity divorces, with in minutes of a celebrity divorce announcement you will see comments laying blame. “It was his fault he cheated, no her fault she took…

How Can You Tell If You Relationship Is Abusive?

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The most telling sign is known as “walking on eggshells.” Did you walk on eggshells in your marriage? Are you walking on eggshells in a present relationship? Are you extremely careful about everything you say, worrying that your…

Keep Climbing till you reach the Top!

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“I’m glad I got caught, now I can move on”…. Those were the words I heard 6 years ago when I learned my husband of nearly 20 years was having an affair and my marriage was about to…

Is Bitterness Dragging you down?

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We’ve all met at least one, more likely several divorced men or women in our lifetime who seem to never smile and all their problems in life are due to their Ex spouse. Names like “jerk, idiot, or…

The Divorce Kid Shuffle!

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I am writing this blog while having just distributed, varies suitcases, and bags to each of my children to start packing for spring break, like all holidays for most children of divorced parents, my children are expert packers…

Divorce: Is it really about the stuff?

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Divorce is the process of dissolution of marriage and dividing up personal property in a fair and reasonable manner. Often it is not that simple. People get attached to their stuff and dig in pretty hard. This struggle…

When Forgiveness Brings Us Joy!

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Often without even realizing it we go through life keeping tallies in our head, of who wronged who, who lied to who, who hurt who. During a relationship even a resentment can build up over the smallest differential…

Have you ever had sex with your Ex?

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Your marriage is over, you are separated or divorced, and you would think the last place you would find sexual pleasure would be with the very spouse who you just left. Yet I hear from DreamsRecycled users this…

Divorce and Fear: From Survive to Thrive!

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Fear, stress, anxiety and divorce are all interconnected and often seem inseparable. Fear of the unknown is scary and gets complicated when you factor in children, money, living arrangements, the divorce process and dealing with your soon to…

Am I Ready to begin the Healing Process?

Children of Divorce, Divorce, Emotional, Self Help, Starting Over

Where are you in the cycle? Are you thinking about divorce, in the process of divorcing, or is your divorce finalized? Each step has its kick-in-chest, gut-wrenching pain combined with a feeling of liberation as you release the…


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Going through a divorce is probably the most stressful thing you have ever been through. I remember, the longer the proceedings dragged out the more stressed I became. However, the longer it went on, the stronger I got,…

May to December Marriages- The Odds Are Against You!

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I read a very interesting study recently that clearly showed the odds of a marriage lasting based on the age differences of your spouse. They were very compelling statistics, stating at 2 years or under age difference this… Article- Why Do Celebrity Marriages Fail?

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