No, You Don’t Need a Huge Engagement Ring

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As wedding season looms, it’s worth reconsidering some of our more materialistic marriage rituals, especially the expectation that a woman should receive an enormous engagement ring. In an age that prioritizes weddings over marriages and has no qualms…

Dowhatyoulovetoday! Recycling My Life By Helping Others!

Press Release 8 tips for dating after divorce!

Press Release

Innocent Spouse Relief

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Sometimes, you just end up falling for someone who only looks out for themselves; without any regard to what is right or wrong or whether their actions could adversely affect you.  Your spouse ends up doing something shady,…

Confessions Of A Sex And Love Addict

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When I was asked to start writing this blog it wasn’t a question of whether I would do it, but more a question of where do I start? I was out for a walk and it hit me,…

Addiction and Suicide: Understanding Risks to Help a Loved One in Need

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Many risk factors increase the risk of both addiction and suicide. Many of the same factors that make someone likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, such as a history of abuse, chronic pain, and other factors, can also…

Celebrity Divorce Shows They Are Just Like Us

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I do not know Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, however I do know divorce. I have spoken to almost 6000 divorcees, since starting DreamsRecycled. We as a nation love the Pitts with their clearly great chemistry, and stunning…

Divorce Shaming

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A few years before my own divorce but while I was acutely aware that my marriage was in shambles, I taught Sunday school to 3-9 year olds. Two of my students where smart, sweet siblings, who were a…

Ghosting Explained!

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What is ghosting? No it is not a loving relationship between Demi Moore and Patrick  Swayze in the movie Ghost, it is when someone living vanishes as if they may have died. It’s the evolution of silent treatment,…

Single Can Be So Happy

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I received a message today, it touched me deeply as I was at one time this person, it amazing me actually how many messages I receive daily, lamenting single life. Firstly being single does in no way make…

Done With Divorce-What To Wear?

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After my divorce, I remember thinking those single guys can sure spot a fresh-out-of-a-marriage gal. But how? My clothes gave me away. I still dressed like a married woman. Nice sensible clothes, stylish, but with a “married” label.…

Defining The New You!

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This is a topic that I have been dragging my feet on writing.  Not because it is not important, or that I am afraid to speak on it.  But, rather, because it is a very recent conclusion that…