Kick-Start Your Career After Divorce / Separation

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There are many reasons why women find themselves amid a career break. We meet many women in the Vermilion Talent community that face an extra layer of complexity due to a divorce or separation. It doesn’t really matter…

Getting Unstuck!

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When you’re STUCK in your story Going through the divorce process is hard financially, emotionally, personally and every other way you can think of. HOWEVER, moving on and embracing your new found freedom (you will!) will be priceless.…

Detox Your Closet To A New You!

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When you open your closet does it feel like a foreign closet that doesn’t belong to you? Does the clothing feel so different from who you are now that you want to cry or run? This is common…

Nutella and Spaghetti-Why We Repeat Our Bad Relationships!

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Second and third marriages have a historically higher rate of divorce than first marriages do, by some estimates, 53% first marriages, 68% second marriages, and a whopping 73% third marriages. The more I speak with divorcees the more…


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Getting married is a big adjustment, but add stepchildren to the mix and it can be a very stressful situation. Here are some helpful suggestions from Marilyn Frazer, author of The Relationship Trap: 1 .DON’T COME ON TOO…

DreamsRecycled in a nutshell!

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My Dreams Recycled- Amazon Best Seller

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Divorce Finalization-No one tells you about the Slump!

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I spoke to a divorcee the other like I do everyday, and gave them the divorce euphoria followed by slump speech. We often during our divorce are operating on such high stress levels that we are living on…

What Is Anger!

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Anger is disappointed love. Whether it be disappointment in the fact that you can’t give it, or disappointment in the fact that you’re not receiving it. Either one, results in feelings of anger. How do you get rid…

Heart Break-Help!

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You know when someone breaks your heart and it hurts so bad that you feel something inside of you just shut off? Then you find yourself laying on the bathroom floor–hugging your knees–tears streaming down your face. Your…

Fitness-How to Stay Motivated?

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Stay Motivated Stay motivated I receive messages often from readers asking many different questions, but the number one question I receive is… can you guess? HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED WITH ALL YOUR GOING THROUGH? Truthfully, I don’t…