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Divorce Finalization-No one tells you about the Slump!

Dads, Dating, Divorce, Love, Moms, Relationships, Self Help, Starting Over, Tiffany's Blogs

I spoke to a divorcee the other like I do everyday, and gave them the divorce euphoria followed by slump speech. We often during our divorce are operating on such high stress levels that we are living on…

What Is Anger!

Dating, Divorce, Emotional, Love, Mental Illness & Addiction, Moms, Relationships, Self Help

Anger is disappointed love. Whether it be disappointment in the fact that you can’t give it, or disappointment in the fact that you’re not receiving it. Either one, results in feelings of anger. How do you get rid…

Heart Break-Help!

Children of Divorce, Dads, Dating, Divorce, Emotional, Relationships, Self Help, Starting Over

You know when someone breaks your heart and it hurts so bad that you feel something inside of you just shut off? Then you find yourself laying on the bathroom floor–hugging your knees–tears streaming down your face. Your…

Fitness-How to Stay Motivated?

Dads, Divorce, Emotional, Self Help, Starting Over

Stay Motivated Stay motivated I receive messages often from readers asking many different questions, but the number one question I receive is… can you guess? HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED WITH ALL YOUR GOING THROUGH? Truthfully, I don’t…

Is There Really Happy Ever After?

Dads, Divorce, First Loves, Love, Moms, Relationships, Self Help, Starting Over

As little girls we all dream about, and plan our wedding day in our minds. We marry off Barbie and Ken, and play pretend bride dress up with our girlfriends. Marriage is something most little girls hope to…

Whats Your Addiction?

Dads, Dating, Divorce, Emotional, Mental Illness & Addiction, Relationships, Self Help, Starting Over

Addiction is something that each and every one of us experience. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all are addicted to something. There are the obvious addictions that come to mind first, alcohol, drugs and…

Valentines Day, Go Away!

Dating, Divorce, Love, Moms, Relationships, Self Help, Starting Over, Tiffany's Blogs

If you are single you will instantly understand this articles title, how often are we told or implied by society to be lesser people, just because we are not in a relationship or marriage? Daily, this phenomenon happens…

Strength In Vulnerability!

Emotional, Love, Moms, Relationships, Self Help, Starting Over

Believe it or not, it is our weakness that helps to make us strong individuals. Through every fallen experience or lost battle, our character grows and multiplies like a militant army of defense. With each bad circumstance we…

Financial stress

Divorce, Financial, Self Help, Starting Over

Divorce One of the Top Causes of Financial Stress in Seniors Divorce is ranked as the 5th biggest cause of financial stress among seniors. It splits families and splits their resources. For seniors, financial stress is more acute…

Go AWAY! Come Back!

Dads, Dating, Divorce, Emotional, Self Help

Go Away, Come Back I’m lucky enough to be on the phone last night with a mentor who is holding me accountable for my behavior. Recently, my self-destructive tendencies have overtaken me again, and I have used others…