Opening your heart is never a bad thing.  Even if your heart gets horribly crushed after you open it up, it is NEVER a bad thing.

Heartbreak can be a painful place to be in life and a for a lot of people it can seem like the hurt will never go away.  I’m here to tell you though, that not only will the hurt you’re feeling right now be nothing more than an afterthought somewhere down the road but also that the pain you’re experiencing is in fact beneficial for you.  You will grow stronger from a broken heart.  You will learn from heartbreak.

Ask the wealthiest people on this planet a single question.  Ask them if it was easy earning their fortune.  Ask them if they ever had any hardships along their journey to their ultimate goal of riches.  I can promise you that not a single one of them will ever say it was easy.  Not one will say that they never had any hardships or hurt along the way.  Not one will say that they were never scared of making big decisions and not one will ever say that they wish they hadn’t chased their goals no matter how seemingly unattainable.

In our instance the end goal is not wanting millions of dollars but instead wanting love, girlfriend, wife… Whatever!  But whatever it is you want, you must first get some broken bones and busted knees along the way.  When you get those broken bones, you get back up and you try again.  You might fall again but you get right back up and try again.  What this does is makes you stronger.  This is not a problem of heartbreak now but instead an opportunity of heartbreak because now you are learning constantly through all of it.  You are learning all the things that you want in a partner.  You are learning from the mistakes you may have made.  You are learning that there are certain things in your past relationship that you don’t want in a future relationship and it’s much easier to see from a distance than when you’re in the middle of it.  You are gaining more confidence with each broken bone and every scraped knee and best of all, you are learning about yourself.

Be grateful that it didn’t work out with this person because now you have the tools to become stronger and now you know what to look for to find something better.  Open your heart back up, if it gets crushed again, open back up again and when you finally do meet that person where you both enrich each others lives, where you have made each other better people you will be able to handle that and absolutely appreciate it more fully because you have had a journey of learning and growth.  And that journey or learning and growth has happened because you have had a broken heart.

Travis Barton

Life Coach