Be part of the Dreams Recycled revolution and sell your unwanted wedding and marriage items to likeminded customers. Recoup as much as you can from your one time dreams, allowing you to plan for your future.

We offer a simple, free listing process and hassle free way to recoup some of your wedding/special occasion expenses or to make the most of your divorce settlement items. 

We have very simple fee of 7% of your items sale price after your item has been recycled (sold ) meaning you always know how much we will charge. There is no fee to list your item - you are only charged once the item is sold. 

We at Dreams Recycled are working hard to make this site as user friendly as possible. We ask that all your items you take an extra few minutes and take pictures that show your items in the best possible manner.


Tips for listing items.

  • When photographing rings please take at least two pictures one from the top of the ring and one from the side of the ring. Try and make sure your item is placed on a neutral background to show off your items best features. 
  • If listing a premium priced engagement ring, we suggest you have your item appraised and sell the item with the appraisal. People will tend to be willing to buy your item for a higher price when listed with an appraisal. Appraisals can be performed at a varity of local jewelers and cost on average $100. Please check for exact pricing with your local jeweler.The more information you have about your item the better, for recycling.
  • Dresses should be photographed lying flat or hanging we discourage you from using pictures of yourselves wearing the dresses, as we want the new owner to be able to imagine themselves living their dream in that dress.
  • Hanging the dress on a doorway or closet door can enhance its appeal. Please try to list pictures that show the entire dress i.e. one of the front, one of the back of the dress, and close up pictures showing any details will give the seller the best possible price for the dress. 
  • Please be sure to disclose any flaws on dress and to list any alterations your dress may have had whether in length or size.Take a few minutes and measure your item.The more information you list the more confident our buyers will be in purchasing your item.
  • We encourage you to list your dress/dresses as soon as possible after the wedding or event so they are current and retain as much of their value as possible.
  • Please be sure to accurately list unwanted wedding gift items. Photos of these should show them both inside and out of their box.